I'm not perfect but I can love you endlessly.

"But I’ve learned over the past year what it really means to be able to miss someone. In order to miss someone, that means you were privileged enough to have them in your life to begin with."

Colleen HooverLosing Hope (via hellyeahitsrandom)

"Don’t give up, okay? I know you’ve been hurt, I know how it feels. Believe me, I do. But the feeling will pass. The tears will stop falling. Your heart will heal itself. I promise you it will, so hold on. Don’t let go, don’t lose hope because I promise you’ll find someone who will treat you right the way he never did. Someone who will never ever leave you, the way he did. He’ll be worth the wait, so hang in there because I love you and I want you to be happy."

"I’m scared to like anyone. Because I end up getting attached. Knowing that you may be here now but one day you’ll be gone. Just that single thought scares me along with tons of “what if’s”. It’s as if I could go to sleep knowing you’re mine and wake up knowing I probably won’t hear from you ever again. I just don’t want to get so close and then end up being broken."

"So after all you’ve been through, you’re going to quit, just like that? No, you’re gonna fight like hell until you can’t fight any longer. That’s what you’re going to do."

"I wish there was a more elegant way of saying “I miss you” because it feels so much more complicated and involved than just those three words."

"Love isn’t him calming you down when you yell. It’s him yelling, just as loud, just as hard, right back at you, right in your face to wake you up and keep you grounded. It isn’t him bringing you roses everyday or cute things that make your relationship appear more presentable. It’s after a long fight, that drains the life and bones out of both of you, and yet him showing up at your door the next morning anyway. It’s not him saying all the right things or knowing exactly how to handle you. It’s not him caressing your hair and telling you everything is going to be alright. It’s him standing there, admitting he’s just as scared as you are. You have to remember that with love, you’re not the only one involved. You’ve unknowingly put your life, your heart into the palms of another person’s hands and said, “Here. Do what you will. Mash it into mince meat, or forget I ever handed it to you."

"I don’t care about anyone else. I just wanna be good enough for you."

"She was fire, and I just wanted to find a warm place to stay."

T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)
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